The CEE bill in depth

Below you will find a copy of the CEE bill, which we will keep updated as it progresses, an executive summary breaking down the bill content and a briefing which provides explanatory notes on the key elements of the CEE bill. Furthermore we have provided an FAQ for MPs, policymakers, potential alliance members and anyone else keen to know more. 

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Executive Summary

Expert contributors

The drafting of the CEE bill gratefully acknowledges the expert contributions and insights of:

  • Professor Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester, Energy and Climate Change)
  • Dr. James Dyke (University of Exeter, Global Systems)
  • Dr. Charlie Gardner (University of Kent, Conservation Science)
  • Prof. Dave Goulson (University of Sussex, Biology - Evolution, Behaviour and Environment)
  • Prof. Tim Jackson (University of Surrey, Ecological Economist)
  • Dr. Joeri Rogelj (IPCC report lead author, Grantham Institute for Climate Change)
  • Prof. Graham Smith (University of Westminster, Centre for the Study of Democracy)
  • Mr. Robert Whitfield (former Senior Vice President of Airbus Industrie)

Also as contributors are legal experts Caroline Egan (retired solicitor), Vivek Kumar (Barrister), and Andrew Boswell (independent environmental consultant)

With further thanks to Dr Scott Archer-Nicholls (University of Cambridge, Centre for Atmospheric Science); Jefim Vogel (PhD candidate in Ecological Economics at the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI)); and Dr Jordan Raine

Supporters of the CEE bill

The allies and supporters page lists all of the MPs and organisations that currently support the CEE bill