Press releases covering the latest climate declaration or pledge for nature seem to be a regular occurrence, especially after summits like the G7 or the Biden-hosted Earth Day talks. But pledges are not the same as legislation-backed policy – they're rarely enshrined by law, and as a result can have varied impact.

In fact, climate campaigners are now highlighting the global heating "gap" between what world's governments have said they'll do, and what current policy is set to deliver. Studies by Climate Action Tracker set out the difference, available in depth here, and summarised in the chart below.

Ask your Councillors to back our Climate and Nature Declaration

“If we fail to limit global warming to 1.5°C, floods and fires will get more frequent and more fierce, crops will be more likely to fail, and sea levels will rise driving mass migration as millions are forced from their homes. Above 1.5°C, we risk reaching climatic tipping points, meaning we could lose control of our climate for good.”

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So how do we fix that gap? In the UK at least, it's by passing legislation. The CEE Bill has been designed with this in mind. It's ideal in that it sets key, existing pledges like the Paris Agreement and Leaders Pledge for Nature into law, as well as providing the framework to update our policy accordingly.

However, while over 100 MPs have backed the Bill, it needs more support. Email your MP to ask them to support it by using this template, or Tweet your MP with this link.




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