Prof Tim Jackson

Director, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity
University of Surrey

Prof E J Milner-Gulland

Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science
University of Oxford

Prof Joanna Haigh

Co-Director of the Grantham Institute 2014-19
former President of the Royal Meteorological Society

Prof Sir David King

Founder and Chair, Centre for Climate Repair
University of Cambridge

Prof Kevin Anderson

Professor of Energy and Climate Change
Universities of Manchester, Uppsala (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway).

Prof Peter Somerville

Emeritus Professor - Climate Policy
University of Lincoln

Prof Mike Berners-Lee

Expert on Carbon Footprinting
Lancaster University

Prof Yadvinder Malhi

Ecosystem Science
University of Oxford

Prof Tim Lenton

Climate Change and Earth System Science
University of Exeter

Prof Andy Challinor

Climate impacts & food security
University of Leeds

Prof Rich Pancost

Biogeochemistry, School of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol

Prof Julia Steinberger

Ecological Economics / IPCC report author
University of Leeds

Prof Dave Goulson

Ecology and conservation of insects
University of Sussex

Dr George McGavin

British entomologist, author, academic, television presenter and explorer

Prof Richard Allan

Professor of Climate Science
University of Reading

Prof Bill McGuire

Professor Emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards

Prof Paul Valdes

Expert in Earth Systems Science
University of Bristol

Dr James Dyke

Earth Systems Scientist & Author
University of Exeter

Prof Nathalie Seddon

Professor of Biodiversity
University of Oxford

Prof Mark Maslin

Professor of Earth System Science
University College London

Prof Dan Lunt

Climate Modelling Expert
University of Bristol

Prof David Stevenson

Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling
The University of Edinburgh

Dr Charlie Gardner

Interdisciplinary conservation scientist & writer
University of Kent

Prof John Marsham

Prof of Atmospheric Science
University of Leeds

Dr Carsten Lemmen

Senior Researcher
Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

Dr Pam Berry

Expert in impact of Climate Change on Nature
University of Oxford

Prof Peter Strachan

Energy Transition & Public Policy
Robert Gordon University

Prof Chris Rapley

Professor of Climate Science
University College London

Dr Mark Drinkwater

Head of Earth and Mission Science Division
European Space Agency

Prof Julienne Stroeve

Polar Observation & Modelling
University College London