In a nutshell, the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill calls for:

  • the UK to make and enact a serious plan. This means dealing with our real fair share of emissions so that we don’t go over critical global rises in temperature
  • our entire carbon footprint be taken into account (in the UK and overseas)
  • the protection and conservation of nature here and overseas along supply chains, recognising the damage we cause through the goods we consume
  • those in power not to depend on technology to save the day, which is used as an excuse to carry on polluting as usual
  • ordinary people to have a real say on the way forward in a citizens’ assembly with bite

CEE bill

"I welcome this campaign for a new Bill on the climate and ecological emergency [...]

We can’t wait until 2050 to reach net zero – we will have long missed the moment by then if we are to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5C. That has to be the goal and is a welcome focus of this Bill.

We are all in this together. We need to come together in our response"

Caroline Lucas, MP