We can use the levers of government power that already exist to protect the future of life on earth. This bill is a proposal for a new law. Most new law stems directly from government as planned legislation, but backbench MPs can put forward proposals as a Private Members Bill (PMB). Many PMBs remain as a campaign tool, but it is possible to gather enough support inside and outside of Westminster so that they pass, like the successful campaign for the Climate Change Act (2008). 

The first stage was to ‘table’ or ‘present’ the bill (with the signatory of up to 12 MPs) to officially introduce the bill to parliament, which took place at the beginning of September. But this was only the beginning, we will need the majority of MPs to support the bill to give it a chance to become law.  Taking a bill through Parliament is a lengthy process – the Climate Change Act took three years! But we obviously need to get the Climate and Ecological Emergency bill through in a fraction of that time… so it’s time for MPs to step up!

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