So what next? The current CEE Bill “fell” at the end of the last parliamentary session on 29th April 2021. But a new session of Parliament began on 11 May 2021, and we will be reintroducing the Bill at the earliest opportunity (probably June) as a Ten Minute Rule Bill.


We aim to get members of every major political party to cosponsor it in order to have complete cross-party support from the get-go. We also have the opportunity to introduce the Bill in the House of Lords as well as the House of Commons. And we can re-establish an Early Day Motion (EDM), which MPs can sign as an additional show of support. The process of translating support from one bill to the next is a really energetic moment for the campaign and we hope to get plenty of new support as well as regaining the backing from our current MPs and allies. Campaigners in Conservative constituencies can help by inviting their MPs to co-sponsor the Bill.