You can find a full list of the supportive MPs and allied organisations here:

Supporting MPs (109)

MP Co-Sponsors (12)

Twelve MPs can be named on a private member’s bill when it’s introduced, and the CEE Bill has cross-party support from seven political parties. Here are the co-sponsors of the CEE Bill:

Supporting MPs (97)

Councils (58)

Council who have passed a motion supporting the CEE Bill

Oxfordshire County Council

Sheffield City Council

North Devon Council

Devon County Council

Portsmouth Unitary Council

Colchester District Council

Allied Organisations (187)

The following organisations have signed up to support the Bill:

38 Degrees

ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation

Alton Climate Action and Network

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Architects! Climate Action Network

Architects Declare

Ashden Climate Solutions in Action

Avery & Brown

Badger Trust

Baildon & Shipley Friends of the Earth

Bank Green

Barle Valley Forestry