The Campaigner Hub is your one-stop-shop for campaigning on the CEE Bill. It has two sections:

- Our Campaign Guide breaks the campaign down into bite-sized chunks, from writing to your MP to building a local alliance. You can also download the whole Campaign Guide as a pdf here.

- In the Resources section, we've brought together a host of useful tools and materials to help you with your campaigning.

We'd love to hear your feedback. Write to us at [email protected] And don't forget to sign up for regular updates by joining the campaign on our homepage.

Campaign Guide

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Can I really make a difference? Is there any chance of this working? When coming to any campaign, you want to know that your time is well spent – especially when it’s one calling for such ambitious changes. This guide aims to show why this campaign is worth your time, how everyone can play a part, and that – with enough people behind it – it will work. You don’t have to complete the whole guide. For some people, it might just be a case of writing to their MP about the Bill (see the section on Getting Started). This is the bread and butter of our campaign and a really important contribution. Of course, we’re hoping you won’t stop there. The other sections of the guide take you through the various ways you can get involved


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